1. "We are what we repeatedly do.
    Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
    — Aristotle
  2. The Grants serve in Indonesia with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), where Will is a mechanic. MAF flies small planes into some of the most remote airstrips in the world, overcoming barriers in order to serve people.

    Visit http://maf.org/willgrant to partner with the Grants.

  3. One of the perks of being an MK is getting to meet all the different missionaries that work in Papua. And now I not only get to meet these amazing people, but I also get the opportunity to tell their stories through film. I just handed the Grants a DVD which they’ll be taking back to the US with them as they go on furlough to share about their mission here in Indonesia. Getting to make this film about a maintenance specialist (as opposed to all the pilot/mechanics here) was a new challenge, but I learned a lot from it. So hopefully we’ll get it on to youtube soon and be able to share it!

  4. My view from out the window of an MAF plane as I flew this weekend.

    "Jesus said, ‘…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth!’” - the book of Acts

  5. Brightly-lit trees provide backup power to the dying remnant of street lights during the Christmas season here in Sentani.

  6. We just got back from a weekend in Kobakma where my class was able to share about HIV/AIDS and encourage the people in the town.


  7. It’s so easy to get stuck, isn’t it? I was driving my motorbike up a steep dirt hill a little too slowly when my tires slid sideways into a rut and started spinning. I twisted the accelerator as hard as I could but it didn’t help—my bike was stuck. Did I mention that I was two and a half hours from home, on the other side of a massive lake, and considering panic?

    Read the rest at http://www.mafblog.com/mkcorner/getting-out-of-the-rut

  8. I flew into the small village of Bime with my Dad on a Kodiak to film some takeoffs and landings of the airplane, but in the process I made some friends too! 

  9. I tried printing off some photos today at the local print shop and found out a couple things that will come in handy for next time:

    1. Make sure you photo has the same dimensions as the paper or else the little white bars of doom show up.
    2. My monitor shows pictures a little more redly saturated and the print shop has much less and red and more yellow in their pictures.
    3. Printing your photos and holding them in your hand is super cool, time to go do it again!
  10. I stumbled across The Worship Project, which is a very cool 365 day journey of combining visual art with worship songs. The creator takes key lyrics from a song every day and designs a beautiful poster around them.

    The (anonymous) person behind the project said this:

    I’ve grown a huge love for the lyrics - the written form of praise and adoration from people across the earth. From the hymns of old, to the contemporary Christian music of the 80s + 90s + today, people are articulating their love for Jesus in song again and again - and it fills my heart with pure joy to discover new songs and join in the worship of our King with brothers and sisters all over the world.”

    "The Worship Project" was birthed in me many years ago, when I wanted to tangibly fuse my love of worship music and my passion for graphic design + photography … So now I’m bringing my dream to life in the form of “The Worship Project”

    The typography is very well done, as our the colour palettes of each design, and you won’t get bored looking through them all (which you should go do right now!) because they are all varied in design and appearance. It’s really neat to see people using their talents for visual art to glorify God and worship him.